The war has been won. The despot Calendir has been destroyed, and the rightful King Loys has been restored to the throne of Pelanar, under the protection of the new Magister and Arch-Magus of the Mages Guild, Robert Durconnell, along with the guidance of the new Chancellor Jacques Vizarde. But a time of troubles is coming. The boy king is only approaching his twelfth year and has already had to contend with a series of threats. A War with Merendal, the great island nation from across the the sea, resulting in the loss of both the Duchy of Bregaine and the Duchy of Averoigne (the former becoming a territory of Merendal and the latter gaining its independence as a vassal and its sovereignty guaranteed by Merendal). The kingdom was then threatened by an uprising perpetrated by the Harlequins, an organization devoted to placing the so called Under-King upon the throne of Pelanar. An attack on the Royal Castle at Lumaris almost killed the king, but the plot was foiled when the Magister uncovered it, then assisted in the arrest of many of the conspirators. The Under-King however still remains at large. The border with the Vrantian Empire has become a great concern. A calamity, the cause of which is still not fully understood, has corrupted the Empire, which has caused a series of supernatural threats to destabilize it. As a border is shared, some of those threats have begun to encroach into the east of the kingdom.

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The Chronicles of Erthe – From the Ashes

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